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Trends Plus is set to explore the key growth trends in marketing and technology occurring in 2015 (and beyond). In a rapidly evolving digital world, with targeted, personalised and real-time marketing becoming a must have, it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve by understanding today’s innovations and tomorrow’s trends.

Trends+ Media Pack

Trends+ Media Pack

Connect your company to a highly engaged audience of marketing and technology decision makers. Position your company as a progressive thought leader through tailor made videos and innovative live webcasts.


Live Webcast 19th May 11:30

Keynote – Key Growth Trends Today

Brands must focus on the individual consumer, building a complete and comprehensive profile that informs every aspect marketing. But how is this achieved?

A 15 minute live presentation, packed full of video and inspiring statistics, plus an overview of the insight coming up in Trends Plus.

Live Webcast 19th May 13:30

Programmatic – the future of real-time buying

An indepth look at RTB’s beginnings, bringing us up to speed with where programmatic is today. Our guest speakers, from a brand and a publisher, will evaluate the power of Deal IDs and private marketplaces (PMPs) in the programmatic mix.

A 20 minute panel discussion, with visual aids, followed by 10 minutes of audience Q&A.

Live Webcast 19th May 15:30

Social – redefining engagement

Engaging consumers effectively on social networks is a key battleground for brands, where some excel and some are falling behind. Discover how some brands are getting it right, and the strategies required to do so in today’s shifting social landscape.

A 10 minute case study, followed by an open floor discussion on building the optimal social strategy. Join the debate by sending in your questions live.

Paul Fabretti

Paul Fabretti
Live Webcast 20th May 11:00

Perfecting the content mix on mobile

Consumers now demand a mobile optimised experience, and Google agree, as they down list non-optimised websites on mobile searches. However, when creating mobile content, it is vital to understand what the consumer wants from their mobile – and how this fits into their journey across platforms.

A step-by-step audio guide, with visual aids, looking at brand leaders in this space. Plus, key strategies for translating your content into a mobile friendly offering.

Live Webcast 20th May 13:30

Native advertising – stand out by blending in

What makes the perfect native advert, and how can marketers translate this to the publishers they work with? With a panel of two publishers and two brands, we’ll be seeking an answer to this pressing question.

A 20 minute presentation, packed full of case studies and visual examples. Followed by a 10 minute interactive audience Q&A.

Live Webcast 20th May 15:30

Brands – the new content makers

There is an increasingly blurred line between owned, earned and paid content. This is in part a result of increasingly more brands becoming the creators of their own content – giving them control, saving costs and generating new revenue channels.

A panel debate with senior marketing executives, each delivering a 5 minute case study on their brands’ work. Followed by a moderator led Q&A.

Paula Costa

Paula Costa
Live Webcast 21st May 13:30

Programmatic direct – guarantee premium ad space

A step-by-step guide to understanding how programmatic direct guarantees your ads are seen by a premium tailored audience, whilst reducing wastage and with maximum transparency. Does this spell the end of the programmatic auction model?

A 20 minute presentation from an industry leader and a brand that’s adopted programmatic direct already. Followed by audience Q&A.

Live Webcast 21st May 15:00
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Big Questions Live – The Customer Journey

Tech savvy consumers are right to demand a seamless cross-channel journey. For marketers, the challenge is implementing an all encompassing strategy, discarding silos, and pinpointing what the right message is for a given consumer at any moment.

A 60 minute live debate, with an exclusive guest list of 50 leading industry professionals in the audience, and streamed online to all Trends Plus subscribers. Submit your questions live.





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